You can do it! These training tips are what I swear by to keep my workout motivation up week after week!

Set fitness goals (and make sure you write them down!)

This is the #1 key to achieving success, be it a brand new routine or working on a new goal. Write them down, and put them somewhere you can see them. You’re 80% more likely to complete a task when you write it down. Be realistic in your expectations, but push a little bit farther than what you think you can do so that you strive to become better with every workout.

Visualise how good it will feel to complete your workout

I know, even the best intentions get side-tracked when the alarm goes off at 5 am. It can be hard to leave the warm safety of your bed to venture off into the unknown. But visualising how you will feel when you’re up, at the gym, ready for the day and the positive feelings you get afterwards are worth every second.  

Set timeframes for your workout goals

It’s great to know you want to do something, but adding achievable timeframes to your workout goals gives you an increased sense of direction and

Make yourself accountable to get results

At the end of the day, it’s you who is responsible for your own achievements. But it’s not always easy to rely only on your willpower alone. Try things like working out for a charitable cause, sharing your goals on social media, making a video diary, or signing up for a competition. Or, try out

Work out with a friend

Working out with a friend can DOUBLE your results. Not only is it way more fun to share your workouts with a friend, but it also increases accountability, and a little friendly competition never hurts! Studies show that

Prepare your workout clothes out the night before

Remove as many obstacles from your path to success! If you know you’re not a morning person, get your workout gear ready to go before going to bed. Shoes, socks, workout tights, sports bra….the less you have to worry about at 5 am the better!

Set frequent workout reminders

This is where your smartphone can really come in handy. Use it to set workout reminders, fill in your calendar with classes and set your alarms. Even sync it with your other devices like computers to make it easy to stick to your workout schedule.

Work out with music

Music puts you in the zone, it ups your effort, and distracts you (in a good way) from how much sweat you’re actually exerting during your workout, making it more enjoyable. There’s no denying that the feeling you get running along to your favourite jam, and science agrees – studies show that working out while listening to music can increase your output by up to 15%!

Track your workout progress with photos

Photos are a great way to keep a visual record of how much fitness progress you’re making. Take a before shot and incrementally snap some pics throughout your journey so you can get excited about your new body as it takes shape!

Take small steps towards your fitness goal every day

“A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step” The little things count, because in the end they add up to be big things! Every choice you make in the right direction, however small, keeps you on the right track to reaching your fitness goals.

These simple motivational fitness tips can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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