Julzz has solidified her place in the community as a leader in the fitness industry.

Starting young, Julz has been involved in various activities her whole life. She began competitive gymnastics at the age of 8 and continued throughout her entire school career. Moving into her senior years, she naturally became interested in Cheerleading and was a perfect fit for the sport due to the strength and acrobatic skills required. She has also competed in a number bikini competitions & recently turned Pro at the WBFF show in Sydney July 2019. Showing strict discipline and dedication to achieving a world-class level of athletic performance.

Julz began her professional fitness journey in 2009, when at the age of 17 she started as a Personal Trainer along with coaching gymnastics. It’s one thing to say you love helping people, but to dedicate every day motivating others to better themselves takes a huge amount of positive energy (and luckily Julz has plenty to spare!) This is one of the key qualities that draws her clients in and keeps them coming back satisfied year after year.

After years of training, she knows that a key ingredient to success is consistency.  Maintaining a year-round, regular fitness schedule, she pushes herself in every weight, HIIT or cardio session – always striving to be fitter and stronger.  Her daily ambition is evident as she spreads encouraging energy to all those around her, an inspiring demonstration of how she has learnt to love herself and how much she has grown.

The primary message of self-love and self-confidence is refreshingly healthy in a world that puts increasingly high pressure for both women and men to look perfect at all times. It’s all about being the best version of yourself, working hard, and working together to feel good in your own skin.

As a coach she loves knowing that anyone can start their own fitness journey no matter what their starting fitness level or ultimate goals are. Julz has found her passion helping others see that having a fit lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to completely give up the things you love. The ultimate goal is to inspire others to be healthy, fit and confident by being an example of someone who makes their health a priority while still living a balanced life.

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